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A wholesome, convenient and easy to prepare meal in the form of a cocktail


  • Unique and healthy composition
  • High-protein (33 g)
  • Sweet and tasty – does not contain white sugar
  • Perfect on a diet – it has precisely calculated calories
  • It helps you observe your diet thanks to perfectly calculated calories
  • Contains 26 vitamins and minerals


How to prepare our meal?

Combine a serving with milk, plant-based drink or water, then mix thoroughly in a shaker for 30 seconds.

A simple and convenient 100% balanced, natural and plant-based meal.


Why? SUPERSONIC Food Powder Smart is a perfectly balanced, natural and plant-based meal. It is very simple and convenient to prepare, allowing you to make a healthy meal wherever you are.

Who is it for? Ideal for people looking for a convenient and healthy way to make a meal while taking care of product quality and taste.


Due to the absence of animal ingredients, SUPERSONIC Food Powder Smart is also suitable for vegans. It can also be consumed by people with lactose intolerance.

Natural plant ingredients
SUPERSONIC Food Powder SMART is a meal that comes from nature. It contains oatmeal, a mix of proteins: from peas and rice, Superfoods: flaxseed, bladder wrack, as well as a set of 26 essential vitamins and minerals for health.


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