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A plant-based meal in the form of a shake that provides you with nutrients in the right proportions. Discover a new way of eating!


  • Is the ideal solution for a healthy meal thanks to its natural ingredients
  • Ensures a constant energy level thanks to blood sugar stabilisation (low GI)
  • Maintains optimal body weight thanks to calorie control
  • Saves time thanks to easy and quick preparation
  • An excellent alternative to unhealthy snacks, as it is filling and sweet, which reduces the craving for sweets

How do you prepare our shake?

Add a sachet of omega 3-6-9 esters to 400 ml of water, milk or plant-based drink, pour in 2 scoops of Powder and mix well in a shaker for 30 seconds.

Composed by scientists and nutritionists with the participation of nature.

Why? SUPERSONIC Food is one of the most advanced and naturally rich meals for quick preparation in the world. It is based on a plant composition, and the selection of ingredients is the result of scientific research on human nutrition. For whom? SUPERSONIC Food is addressed to everyone who cares about a fast, natural, healthy diet, well-being and adequate immunity.Due to the lack of ingredients of animal origin, SUPERSONIC Food is also appropriate for vegans. At the same time, it can be consumed by people with lactose intolerance.

Natural ingredients :

- A source of complex carbohydrates. Consumed regularly and effectively They support the condition of the digestive system and have a positive effect on the stabilization of blood sugar levels after a meal (thanks to the beta-glucan content).
Pea, rice,pumpkin and hemp protein - Unique blend of high quality plant proteins, necessary for the proper functioning of the body. They provide energy and enable the growth, development and reconstruction of cells.
Chia(spanish sage) - They contain many valuable nutrients and are rich in antioxidants, including flavonoids and quercitin, as well as magnesium, iron and zinc, phosphorus, calcium, vitamin B1 and E.
Linseed Linseed​​​​​​​ - Another superfood ingredient, so called superfood, in our composition... Linseed They contain a lot of fiber, which supports intestinal peristalsis. They are also an ally of your fight for a slim figure.
MacaRoot​​​​​​​ - Exotic representative of super food (superfoods) in our composition. A beneficial plant, which is a source of energy and vitality, supports physical fitness and mental.
Fucus vesiculosus​​​​​​​ - Algae with miraculous pro-health properties. Maritime superfoods, which contains a whole range of valuable ingredients for our organisms nutritional.
Acid bioesters Omega 3-6-9​​​​​​​ - They are available in liquid form, which is a worldwide innovation. They help maintain proper blood cholesterol levels and bring all the benefits of unsaturated Omega fatty acids.
Yarrowia lipolytica​​​​​​​ - Innovative type of inactive and unconventional yeast with exceptional properties, certified as Novel Food. As the only product in this category we have them in our composition.​​​​​​​



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