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With SR-9009 you can expect to experience the following benefits:


  • Increased fat burn – by switching off the genes responsible for glucose production (without wreaking havoc on your body’s insulin sensitivity), this forces your body to use stored fat for energy expenditure, resulting in greater fat loss. At the same time, by amplifying mitochondria production this helps to boost your metabolism, so even in a state of rest/sleep, you will burn fat.When diet-induced mice were injected with SR-9009 for 30 days, they lost 60% more weight than those on the placebo. Whilst, genetically obese mice in a separate study stopped gaining weight after 12 days (without their glucose levels being affected).
  • Lean muscle – by swapping out old mitochondria for new, SR 9009 can boost the rate at which you produce new muscle. This can be further enhanced by stacking it with SARMs such Ligandrol, as together they can help you to pack on muscle in a short space of time.
  • Reduced cholesterol, triglyceride and LDL levels – Stenabolic can help control LDL levels whilst helping to raise HDL levels. When mice were given SR-9009 for 7-10 days, their triglyceride and total cholesterol blood levels dropped.
  • Circadian Rhythm – SR 9009 can help keep you active and alert for up to 12 hours a day, which is great news for your workout regime, as it can help combat feelings of fatigue during hard-core sessions.
  • Faster recovery – by keeping your mitochondria levels fresh and new (by phasing out and replacing old/dead mitochondria cells), this can boost your recovery rate after exercise. In studies on mice, SR-9009 reduced inflammation and tissue damage.
  • Endurance – SR 9009 can help raise your endurance levels enabling you to workout harder without you crashing. For instance, if you were to reach your maximum heart rate within 30 minutes of HIIT, then Stenabolic will enable you to do the same HITT at just 75% of your heart rate, enabling you to go a further 10 minutes before you hit your max.In a study of mice given SR 9009 for 30 days, they saw a notable increase in endurance and were able to run for longer/cover more distance.
  • Sleep – alongside being able to keep you active all day long; Stenabolic can also help you to experience a restful, uninterrupted night’s sleep.

SR 9009 - Mighty Lab

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