REPP Sports Raze Energy is a breakthrough in the market of energy drinks which provides lots of caffeine for powerful stimulation and also many other ingredients that promote mental functions and post-workout recovery.

Adequate fluid intake is essential for maintaining general good health. Water is the most common and recommended drink, but not everyone is a fan of its neutral taste. Fluid intake does not have to always involve the need for hydration, the best example of which is the consumption of coffee, used for morning or pre-workout stimulation.

Many individuals do not like the taste of coffee and they are looking for a slightly different source of stimulation in a liquid form. Although there are many energy drinks on the market, the vast majority of them do not match the composition of the offered drink. It is worth noting that it contains a huge amount of caffeine (as much as 300 mg!) which, in combination with other ingredients, exerts other positive effects.

A high dose of stimulants primarily means a high level of stimulation, which is guaranteed by combining the already mentioned methylxanthine with e.g. L-theanine or L-tyrosine. An effective workout is not possible without proper focus and motivation. This will certainly be facilitated by ingredients acting on the central nervous system (choline, alpha-GPC, carnitine and L-tyrosine presented earlier). The third pillar includes effective post-workout recovery, which is ensured by branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs), betaine and taurine present in the drink.

One of the bigger advantages of the product is that it is completely sugar-free. This should not worry those who prefer sweet drinks because sweetness was achieved by using a safe sweetener. This means that zero energy value is not synonymous with the lack of taste. On the contrary, a large group of clients praise its phenomenal flavour profile.

To sum up, REPP Sports Raze Energy is a drink for those who need a big daily dose of refreshment and all who would like to try a pre-workout in an unusual form.


DOSAGE: Take in accordance with calorie target.


The product is designed mainly for persons who exercise and want to prepare better for their training session. The drink can be consumed during the day as a stronger substitute for coffee or as a stimulant enhancing your cognitive skills during strenuous mental activities.

Children, pregnant women and individuals with cardiological problems should avoid consuming this drink. Please consult your doctor before use.


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