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The Benefits of RAD 140 Testolone


1. Increased Bone Density

The RAD 140 SARM works by binding to androgen receptors in your bone, which increases bone density, and it is even being researched as an osteoporosis treatment and preventive. While strength training itself increases bone density, this additional effect makes it easier to build lean muscle mass and to develop muscle power.

2. Amplified Lean Muscle Gain

Binding to androgen receptors in your bone not only stimulates the growth of bone tissue but muscle tissue. With a consistent weight training regimen and the necessary diet, bodybuilders can add 1.5 kilograms of lean muscle per week over an eight-week period, which while not at anabolic steroid levels is far beyond most supplements.

3. Targeted Fat Burning and Weight Loss

Another benefit of the anabolic activity caused by Testolone is that it triggers the burning of stubborn fat deposits, which makes it a popular option as a cutting agent. With the proper approach, it can be used as a weight loss tool as well. In one notable test group, subjects who had 17% body fat were able to reduce that to 12% in one RAD 140 cycle.

4. Enhanced Muscle Power

A common challenge weight trainers face is not just adding muscle mass but true muscle power. RAD-140 is able to help you achieve strength gains comparable to low doses of testosterone due to the high anabolic index. It also increases red blood cell count and thus blood supply to muscle tissue. That makes it effective at helping weight trainers bust through plateaus, and most bodybuilders experience the greatest gains during the third and fourth week of a cycle.

5. Heightened Energy Levels and Endurance

Another advantage of taking a SARM and RAD 140 in particular is that it increases your energy levels and endurance. The elevated energy levels improve your mood and make it easier to stick with your routine. The elevated endurance is present for both aerobic and anaerobic exercise. It lets you work out harder and thus receive better results quicker, and it also helps you to recover quicker as well, which lets you realize greater gains within a shorter period of time.

6. Elevated Testosterone Levels

One of the byproducts of triggering the androgen receptors is the potential to stimulate testosterone production. This occurs naturally, which means that you will not experience abnormal levels. But many men experience Low-T, and RAD-140 can help to overcome it, which provides many benefits, including mental health, mental acuity, libido and so forth.

RAD 140 ( Testolone ) - Mighty Lab

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