Product Description

PROTEIN RECOVERYThis delicious Pro Shake provides 50g of a blend of whey protein and caseinate. Its formula contains no added sugars, which makes our shake easily digestible and light on the stomach. This drink also contains 7g of BCAA's from natural sources per 500ml. FLAVOURS: Chocolate, StrawberryPACKAGING: 500mlUSE: Between meals or after an intense training session.INGREDIENTS: Skimmed milk (90%), milk proteins (8%), fat-reduced cocoa powder (1,5%), water, stabilizer: E407, sweetener: E955.KEY FACTS:• 53 g of protein per serving• Aspartame free• Only 0.5 g fat per servingThe Pro Shake can assist the body in muscle repair after an intense session by distributing 53g of whey protein and caseinate to the muscles for optimum recovery time and can also be used as part of a pre-training plan in between meals to increase maximum effort during the training session.


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