Is a new generation weight gainer based on a carefully selected ratio of carbohydrates and proteins. This iconic mass gain blend is intended for high-intensity training athletes, whose goal is to achieve maximum levels of lean body mass and muscular strength. Each serving provides the perfect combination of carbohydrates in the form of easily assimilated maltodextrin and the highest quality protein in the form of a complex milk protein blend, which includes:

  • Milk protein concentrate,
  • Whey protein concentrate Carbelac®,
  • Whey protein isolate Isolac®,
  • Hydrolysed whey protein Optipep®
  • Hydrolysed casein PeptoPro®.

The LevroLegendaryMass blend of carbohydrates and proteins are the nutrient dense building blocks necessary for the support of athletes who partake in high-intensity style training. Carbohydrates contribute to the recovery of normal muscle function (contraction) after highly intensive and/or long-lasting physical exercise leading to muscle fatigue and the depletion of glycogen stores in skeletal muscle*. Protein contributes to a growth and the maintenance of muscle mass, and therefore must be a staple nutrient for any hard-working athlete. Studies show that consumption of protein combined with maltodextrin, dramatically improve the absorption of proteins in the body  for enhanced and maximal muscle mass gain.




A whey protein concentrate WPC, the most universal protein in terms of the time of application and duration of absorption. It needs a slightly longer time for its absolute digestion which is 2-3 hours and a slightly longer time to start the digestion process which is about 30 minutes after consumption. It is the basic building material for your muscles which protects the anabolic processes in your body.


A whey protein isolate WPI, that is a whey protein fraction subjected to micro and ultrafiltration, which allows for obtaining the highest degree of protein concentration in a product (over 90%). It has the highest content of branched-chain amino-acids BCAA which is not less than 25 g per 100 g! Moreover, it does not contain any carbohydrates and fats. Combined with Optipep™, it influences the enhanced insulin response of human body after its consumption. Whey isolate, just like whey hydrolysate is a fraction which should be consumed right after waking up or immediately after the workout due to its rapid absorbability. Both fractions, WPI and WPH complement each other where the time of absorption and the whey aminogram of the highest bioavailability are of the basic importance. Due to the quick absorbability of WPI and its insulin secretion stimulating effect, the whey isolate can transform in the body into glycogen lost during a heavy workout, this reaction can take place especially when there is a deficit of carbohydrates.


A primarily enzymatically digested whey protein in the form of di and tripeptides containing protein in the amount of 90 g per 100 g. The hydrolysis process of whey isolate takes place as the primary digestion of the isolated protein which does not require any further “fragmenting” into free amino acids by our body, in order to absorb them. Due to this fact, that fraction remains in the small intestine for a very short time, absorbing immediately. It minimizes the risk of an allergic reaction after consuming WPH. Optipep® together with the whey isolate show the highest absorbability of all protein fractions available on the market. WPH is also characterized by a high content of the necessary branch-chained amino acids BCAA, ca. 20 g per 100 g of product. As confirmed by the scientific research Optipep®, apart from its immediate absorbability (amino acids appear in 10 min after the consumption) enhances the insulin response of the body which can be used for the transport of other active compounds to the muscles. The enhanced insulin response after the consumption of Optipep® remarkably improves the speed of regeneration due to the correlation of the insulin effect upon the fast reconstruction of muscle glycogen at the coexisting appropriate dose of carbohydrates. In comparison to the normal whey, the level of insulin is up to 43% higher in the bloodstream within 3 hours after consuming Optipep®. This allows for improving the absorbability of the hydrolysate itself as of the other active ingredients which are supplied to our body within that time. What does it mean? More building material and a bigger number of active ingredients such as creatinine (if you are during the cycle), carbohydrates will be supplied to your muscles! For this reason, this fraction is recommended especially for people with diabetes, of course following to medical consultation. The most important property of the whey isolate hydrolysate, which Optipep® is, is its quickest absorbability and the highest bioavailability. This fraction is best for consumption in the morning on an empty stomach and right away after the workout when a quick resynthesise of protein is most significant for immediate minimizing of the catabolic condition.


PeptoPro® is a patented form of the hydrolyzed casein from milk. Presently, it is one of the most recent protein fractions on the supplements market, characterized by a very high quality, quick absorption and by an aminogram typical for casein. PeptoPro® is a patented and proprietary formula in which enzymes have been used which allowed to clear the product of the sour taste characteristic for hydrolyzed products. This allows to produce proteins with a better taste. Additionally, by means of the enzymatic hydrolysis a product has been obtained which has a very high level of hydrolysis, which contains di and tripeptides, and moreover, which is short of lactose and fats and is, at the same time, very well soluble even in cold water. Di and tripeptides, due to their low molecular structure, can be absorbed quickly and delivered directly to the working muscles already a few minutes after consumption. As far as the absorption time is concerned, the whey isolate and hydrolysate have a boosting effect thus offering a quite different amino acid balance.


Serving size: 4 scoops

Servings per bag: 34

Nutrition declaration

100 g

200 g

400 g


1634 kJ / 385 kcal

3268 kJ / 771 kcal

6537 kJ / 1542 kcal


2,6 g

5,2 g

10,4 g

of which saturates

1,6 g

3,2 g

6,4 g


69 g

138 g

276 g

of which sugars

10 g

20 g

40 g


1 g

2 g

4 g


21 g

42 g

84 g


0,1 g

0,2 g

0,4 g





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